The All-Time Royalty All-Stars

It’s good to be king, as Max and Felix Hernandez both know. FiFi says he’s a Mariner for life, but what about after? Why, after, he’ll join the All-Time Royalty All-Stars. And probably win a few more games. (Peak single-season WAR listed for batters, lowest single-season FIP- for pitchers.)

UPDATE: Thanks to alert readers for reminding me of “Rajah” Hornsby and “Burger” King.

C – King Kelly (7.7)

1B – “Prince Albert” Pujols (10.1)

2B – Rogers “Rajah” Hornsby (12.4)

3B – Jeff King (3.7)

SS – King Solomon (Sol) White (?)

LF – Charlie “King Kong” Keller (8.2)

CF – Duke Snider (9.7)

RF – Babe “The Sultan of Swat” Ruth (15.4)

DH – Prince Fielder (6.4)

Bench: Roger “The Duke of Tralee” Bresnahan (6.4), Tim “Kingfish” Salmon (6.0), Dave Kingman (3.6), Jim “The King” Leyritz (3.2), Bob “Duke” Dillinger (2.7)

SP: “Prince Hal” Newhouser (56), “King Carl” Hubbell (71), Silver King (72), “King Felix” Hernandez (73), Paul “Duke” Derringer (77)

Bullpen: Zach Duke (71), Nellie King (72), Mike “The Polish Prince” Krukow (85), Mel Queen (86), Eric King (90), “Prince Hal” Schumacher (96), Calvin Coolidge Julius Caesar Tuskahoma (Cal) McLish (97)

Honorable Mentions: King Lear, King Cole, Kaiser WilhelmRay “Burger” King

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“What about me? Omnomnomnomnom.”

Ray “Burger” King

Well-Beered Englishman

Ray King’s career EAR (Eating Above Replacement) was at least 104.