Footage of Kelvin Herrera’s Changeup

As Dave Cameron noted during his most recent appearance on FanGraphs Audio this week, Kelvin Herrera’s changeup is likely the best pitch right now that no one is going completely bananas about. Among its (i.e. that changeup’s) credentials are how it has a 25.0% swinging-strike rate (while league average is ca 15% for a change, according to Harry Pavlidis) and a 77.8% ground-ball rate (whereas ca 50% is average for a change). It’s not surprising, then, that Herrera’s changeup has been better in terms of runs above average than almost every other reliever’s.

Here’s Herrera throwing the changeup to Nate McLouth during his most recent appearance (box). The Baltimore center-field camera allows for a particularly clear view of the pitch’s movement.

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While definitely a plus pitch, it obviously is helped by his big-time fastball.