Winter Meetings Dress Code Word Association

…aaand a Blackberry in front of a fake treeee.

At the Orlando Winter Meetings, the lobby is a phenomenon. There’s a slightly uncomfortable air to the space which houses virtually no planned or formal events, and is yet a hubub of activity all week long. Major league ball players looking for jobs bump into recent college graduates looking for jobs while media men scan the room for executives to harangue. It’s excellent and squirm-inducing all at the same time.

To pass the time while waiting for a story to break so that we could all run to the media room and post our opinions, some of us started a little word association game to break down the different categories of lobby rats. One thing: this bit of snark is all in good fun. We made friends in every group listed and enjoyed talking to everybody that gave us time. And many of these looks were extremely classic.

But still, there was a bit of a dress code.

Ill-fitting suit: Job-seeker.
Mustard-stained dockers: Journalist.
Golf shirt with team logo: Scout.
Cowboy boots: Manager.
Untied laces: Dave Cameron.
Sweatshirt and sweatpants: Tito Francona.
Sweater vest: Front office, but not GM – unless you are Jack Zduriencik.
Expensive suit: GM.
Expensive suit with wires hanging out the back of the jacket: TV.
Expensive suit with white sneakers: Peter Gammons.
Entourage: Gary Sheffield.

Photo H/T: SNY / Metsblog

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Erik Hahmann
11 years ago

Dude, the king of the sweater vest was Mike Rizzo. Saw him twice and each time he had one on.