Which Photo Best Describes NotGraphs’ Future?

There’s a chance this could be my last post for NotGraphs. And though it has been easily the best place I’ve ever written for, I am kind of glad to see it die. It is like a great painting in my life, a great painting I will smooth down with epoxy and other preserving agents, and there will be no memories of burnouts or angry commentors or mean bosses. Just the beauty of trying to be funny and sometimes succeeding.

So it’s in that context that I encourage you, dear readers, to tell me which of these freely and legally available photos best represents the Post World Series, or if the Royals wins, Post Apocalyptic NotGraphs?

A Ghost Town in Utah

Frisco, or Utah is a Helluva Place
Credit: Michael Gäbler

This Sad-Looking Turtle

Great Sadness
Credit: Mbz1

I Don’t — I Don’t Know What This Is

Endzeit LARP
Credit: Ralf Hüls, Sascha Rathjen

These Castle Ruins Atop a Majestic Hill

Credit: Uoaei1

This Super Bleak Strip Mine

Mirny in Yakutia
Credit: Staselnik

This Picturesque Serbian Graveyard

Iglesia de San_Pedro, Novi Pazar, Serbia
Credit: Diego Delso

This Cave Society Constructed by What I Can Only Assume Was Turkey’s Equivalent of Ant People

Castle Uchisar in Cappadocia
Credit: Wolfgang Moroder

This Old Man, Perplexed by His Wind-Up Church Steeple

It Has Wheels

Credit: Claude Truong-Ngoc

This Sad, Leaning Estonian Lighthouse

Kiipsaare leaning lighthouse
Credit: Abrget47j


Send a hand-painted replication of your favorite photo above to 2131 Massachusetts Ave NW, Washington, DC 20008.

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8 years ago

if i live less than a mile away (college) do i get bonus points?

8 years ago
Reply to  TH

From of these sad places? No. No points.

8 years ago
Reply to  Eminor3rd

well i won’t be voting for the pensive, awkward old man. definitely not.

8 years ago

my current residence is less than a mile. my permanent residence, however, is some 550 miles or so north; though how long that remains ‘permanent’ is up to debate.

8 years ago

my favorite weekend getaway

8 years ago

Did you know that was the Estonian embassy before you wrote the address? Or did you Google it like the rest of us?

8 years ago

it looked suspicious when i first saw the address, but i was not entirely sure what it was.

Brad Johnsonmember
8 years ago
Reply to  TH

My current residence has a total of about 1,000 feet. Do I get bonus points?