Rappers and Baseball Hats: NL Central

Wherein I continue to milk this gimmick for all it’s worth. ┬áToday, rappers doing baseball stuff all things National League Central.

Houston Astros

Houston has a pretty good rap game going, but not a great picture-taking/uploading/archiving of rappers wearing Astros hat going, so you get Paul Wall in jorts.

Chicago Cubs

Cubs hat, Bulls sweatshirt, Cheetah pants, Lil’ Wayne.

Pittsburgh Pirates


Cincinnati Reds

So here’s the thing: Cincinnati hats are heavily associated with the BLoods, because of the ‘blood’ red color. And the Game (or The Game, or whatever) is associated with the Bloods. Hence the hat.


Here’s the other thing: The only hat just as associated with gang culture is a blue Dodgers hat (the Crips, arch-nemesis to the Bloods), and the Game, besides reppin’ a crisp red cap is also reppin’ a LA face tattoo. Sup with you, the (The) Game?

Regardless, as the opening line to his joint “Red Nation” states: “Throw your muthafucking Cincinnati hats in the sky.”

St. Louis Cardinals


Milwaukee Brewers

I really think that Ma$e only wore this hat just because it has an ‘M’ on it. Which helped me out a lot on this post. I don’t know if you guys know, but Milwaukee isn’t a hip-hop hotbed. Thanks Ma$e!

Now go sign some SOPA/PIPA petition. Like this one here.

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10 years ago

The Angels need to market their red caps to the Bloods. Or is the problem that “Angels” doesn’t sound very gangsta?