Nickname Seeks Player: Vote on “Advanced Dungeons & Dragons”

Blood has been spilled by the point of a rogue’s knife. Mead, gruel and pipeweed have been consumed. Elvish maidens have been consensually ravished. Orcs have filibustered. Owlbears have cut a murderous swath through the streets of America. And so the nomination process is complete. You may choose — carefully and at great personal hazard, of course — from the following 10 names. Who, villagers of Zargmoranathtauften, should be nicknamed “Advanced Dungeons & Dragons”?

Thank you for exercising the franchise.

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12 years ago

I would like to submit into evidence this photo of Lincecum pretending to be a wizard in his Giants snuggie:

12 years ago
Reply to  B

I would like to counter with this GIS result for “RA Dickey advanced dungeons and dragons” (without the quotes) which would look fantastic on the side of a van and is only the second hit because the first is the quadrytch daguerreotype used at the head of all “Nickname Seeks Player” posts.