Is It Spring Training Yet?

Every real baseball fan has a well-tuned internal clock that tells them exactly when Major League Baseball is set to begin another season. We all know that early January itch. After being distracted by the winter holidays, we start to yearn for the first sign of a pitcher or a catcher. And then, in the dead of winter, just when you’ve gotten that itch, time seems to stop.

Still, we know we will be rewarded for our patience and the end of February will finally arrive.

With all that said, though, despite knowing full well when baseball is scheduled to return, how many times will you go to the simple yet useful website and press “refresh” hoping, praying, that the next time it loads it will say something different?

53. I’ve done it 53 times.

Thank you to NotGraphs reader Dave Yeager who created this website and sent it along to us, with this note:

A couple years ago my buddy Dan kept bothering me during work about whether or not it was spring training yet as we pined for baseball. In the interest of getting him to leave me alone I created this helpful website for him.

Perhaps it can help you as well.

Indeed, Dave.

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12 years ago

It’s really quite difficult to not hit refresh a few times before closing it.

12 years ago
Reply to  Kyle