Introducing: LOLGammos

Like my NotGraphs comrade Carson, I am a Peter Gammons pocket tweet enthusiast. I am also a firm believer in using images to convey emotion at key junctures in baseball games. Which made me think: Why not combine Peter Gammons tweets with images (of Peter Gammons) that can be used to convey emotions at key junctures in baseball games? It’s perfect! After all, there is a large untapped market for image macros on the web.

So, with that, I am proud to unveil to the world a select sampling of LOLGammos. I encourage you all to make a meme of it. Meaning: create two, three, many LOLGammos!

Old Favorites:


Emotion: sadness/disappointment

Example of proper in-game deployment: Your team is down one run with two outs in the bottom of the ninth. The bases are loaded and your best hitter at the plate. He works a full count and…strikes out looking.


Emotion: non-chalance (Is this really an emotion? I don’t even know.)

Example of proper in-game deployment: Your team’s centerfielder has just made an extremely difficult play on a deep flyball look easy. He casually flips the ball into the stands and trots into the dugout looking cooler than a polar bear’s toe nails.


Emotion: confusion

Example of proper in-game deployment: A member of the opposing team hits a liner in the gap that rolls all the way to the base of the wall and gets stuck under the outfield padding. The outfielders signal for a ground rule double, but the umpires refuse to grant it. The outfielders continue to signal, all the while being denied and allowing the hitter to complete a inside-the-park home run.

New arrivals:


Emotion: relief

Example of proper in-game deployment: Your team’s star first baseman leaves the game under mysterious circumstances in the third inning. After a half an hour, the beat writers tweet in unison that it is just a case of diarrhea.

(Special credit on this doozie to my The Good Phight blog lord, Whole Camels.)


Emotion: jubilation

Example of proper in-game deployment: Your team won.

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10 years ago

From now on, whenever anyone explains to me a reason for something happening, I will reply with a relieved sigh, “Whew. I was worried it was the pancakes.”