Great Moments in Spectacles: Bob Hamelin

Bob Hamelin. An oldie, but a goodie.

A Great Moment In Spectacles, undoubtedly. And, yes, a most heinous crime against baseball cards, too.

Conservative Canadian props to my colleague and friend Mike Miner for sending the Hamelin gems — this one, too — my way. A quick story, if I may: Monsieur Miner is a Baltimore Orioles fan. Yep, Toronto’s only one. Before he met yours truly, he didn’t mind the Blue Jays so much, he says. Today, he hates them. All thanks to me. This brings me great joy.

Remember, if you know of a Great Moment In Spectacles that ought to be celebrated, please, be in touch:

Image, by no means easy on the eyes, courtesy of The Trading Card Database.

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