For Seriously Though, Let’s Play Fungo Golf

Regular golf is for aristocrats; frisbee golf is for hipsters — and now we have a game for the shirsey-wearing once-jock, the be-pit-stained fan of stretchy shorts and gaudy, utilitarian sunglasses. I present, ladies and gentlefolk, Fungo Golf:

The question is not: Who thinks that looks fun? The question is: Who wants to join my new league?

This hat tip goes, as they all do eventually, like a bottle rolled down hill, to the Well-Beered English Sir.

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9 years ago

You know I have been out of baseball for four years and while I still love the game from a fan’s perspective this is the first time I really missed working in it. Something ONLY FANGRAPHS could ahve done to me.

9 years ago
Reply to  TK

Keep Notgraphs, too. Proper means of leisure is not unlike baseball itself, so like TK suggests, there’s something special to this site.