Curtis Granderson OMG Look Up

OMG are you looking at what I’m looking at? B/c it’s a-MAZ-ing!

Hoo, hoo, ahhhhhhhhh!

Srsly, ppl, don’t look at me, look look look look, ahhhh-hahahaha! Look up!

It’s a super banana or a pizza pie, oh so shy so high in the sky haha-shanana. It’s a wing├ęd berry mound! Yeee-ummmmm!

Oh it is like a galaxy rainbow with sparkled frostings of power! Wow!

Here, here, here he comessssss!!!!

Do you feel candy! Do you feel the caaannnndy rain! Open yer mouths in praise, ppl. Weeeee-hehe! Here he is deliciously!

Haha. Yay!

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10 years ago