Create-a-Meme: “Maybe It’s Just Society”

When the internet’s Aaron Gleeman talks, people listen. And when that same Aaron Gleeman tweets, about 9,000 people read those tweets.

One of those people is the present author, who, seeking the approval of someone both more important and wealthier than himself, has endeavored in this post to begin the meme that Aaron Gleeman believes should exist.

Specifically, Mr. Gleeman is referring to the following quote, which comes to our eyes courtesy of Vernon Wells (and also courtesy of Bill Plunkett of the Orange County Register) with regard to the opt-out clause that Wells will absolutely, in-no-way be exercising:

Why would you waive your no-trade clause [to accept a trade to the Angels] and then opt out one year later? I never really thought about using it. You do a contract and you ask for certain things. That happened to be one I asked for and got. To be honest with you, I think about it as often as I think about the money.

Maybe it’s just society, but people put too much on struggling. All of a sudden, everything is negative — you’re a bad guy; you’re unhappy. It’s a struggle, yeah. But that’s all it is. I’ve struggled before. Baseball is such a different game. You can be an All-Star one year, struggle the next year and become an All-Star again. It is what it is. This is a great place to live, a great place to play. I’ve got a lot of good years left and I look forward to having them there.

The author would be remiss not to announce sans haste that Wells should certainly take the money. Wells and another party — in this instance, the Toronto Blue Jays — entered into the agreement entirely of sound minds and bodies. The Blue Jays and a third party — in this instance, the Los Angeles Angels — entered into a separate agreement, theoretically of sound minds and bodies (although one wonders, certainly).

Having said that, invoking society is a practice better left to college undergraduates in their respective Intro to Composition courses — and to those same undergraduates, later on that evening, in their respective dorm rooms after smoking marijuana cigarettes.

More to the point, Aaron Gleeman has asked for, and is now receiving, the beginnings of the aforementioned meme.

Below, please find five images — all precisely 420 pixels in width — including the words “Maybe it’s just society” and:

1. The saddest possible ice cream cone.

2. Some pretty excited South Korean badminton-ers.

3. Former host of TV’s Double Dare, Marc Summers.

4. Cartoon everyman Dilbert.

5. The very man responsible for acquiring Vernon Wells this past offseason, Tony Reagins.

Carson Cistulli has published a book of aphorisms called Spirited Ejaculations of a New Enthusiast.

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12 years ago

As dumb as quotes from athletes can be, our society has created an undeniably unhealthy definition of success (vs. struggling, one could say). Make some memes of T-Plush or something actually funny.

juan pierre's mustache
12 years ago
Reply to  Bart

maybe it’s just society

12 years ago
Reply to  Bart

I agree. Too often on sports radio (a synonym for least common denominator – itself a malapropism) athletes not performing up to their contracts will be derided as evil for some reason.

eg: Adam Dunn. By all accounts, a really nice guy. Yet being lambasted in Chicago for not working hard enough in the off season. Who really knows? None of these people has been any closer ta Dunn than the first row at the cell (maybe) yet they all seem to know he’s a nasty, thieving, jerk who stole Jerry Reinsdorf’s money and their dreams by laying on the beach the whole off season and allowing his skills to deteriorate because he just doesn’t care about them.