Big José Altuve Portrait


I was in the mood to do a fairly big portrait of a baseball player’s face, where I would split the face into nine parts and do each part separately and assemble them at the end, like a very easy jigsaw puzzle.

So I opened a Web site that had all the MLB teams listed on it, closed my eyes and moved my cursor around.

I opened my eyes and, well, it wasn’t resting on top of a team name, but the closest team name was the Houston Astros.

I opened their roster page and did the same. I opened my eyes again and the cursor was resting just to the left of José Altuve’s name.

I umm-ed and aah-ed about whether to do him, just because it’s a bit lame to do a big portrait of a small-ish player. Dumb boring joke stuff.

But, I had to stick with my choice, so here it is. And by “here,” I mean “above these words.”

Click = más grande.

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