Animal GIFs as Baseball Metaphors: 2011 World Series, G6

What follows is not poorly conceived so much as it is barely conceived. Lo, in the interest of improving the author’s workflow and with a nod to This, Our Lassitude, I opposite-of-proudly present the first episode of “Animal GIFs as Baseball Metaphors.” Let us begin with an animal rendering of Game 6 of the 2011 World Series and the smith-forged absurdities therein.

You’ll recall that the Rangers in the course of Game 6 against the Cardinals managed to fritter away a ninth-inning WE of 96 percent or so and then contrived to do the same to a 10-inning WE of 93 percent or so. For the Rangers toiler and or rooter such events were presumably unpleasant in the extreme.

In essence, bliss became undignified agony in an instant …

Sheep-assed. In Game 6 of the 2011 World Series, the Rangers were unsuspectingly sheep-assed by the Cardinals.

This has been “Animal GIFs as Baseball Metaphors.” This has been Appointment Internet.

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8 years ago

I opposite-of-applaud your efforts.

8 years ago
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