Adapting Northwestern Basketball’s “Make Shots” Shirt to Baseball

ESPN college basketball blogger Eamonn Brennan described this shirt last season:

Speaking of Northwestern fans, this year’s Northwestern fan and team slogan is incredibly funny. It is, simply, “Make Shots.” Usually team t-shirt slogans are something inspirational or ostensibly full of deep basketball insight. Not this. “Make Shots” might be the least inspirational, and therefore the most honest, team slogan of all-time. I love it.

Uninspirational? Honest? I can totally do that. At least that first thing. Here’s how I adapted this shirt idea to baseball. First, this generic one can work for every team.

That’s not terribly creative, though. It’s much more fun to try to adapt these to individual teams, maybe like this.

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This one is pretty self explanatory.

This is my personal favorite.

Perhaps I’m starting to stray away from the intent of the original shirt a bit…

This idea comes courtesy of Tigers blogger Mike Rogers.

This is just plain cruel, but I had to do it.

Here are some other ideas that I haven’t made into images yet.
SAVE MONEY: Marlins Baseball (credit: Peter Hjort)
BUY PLAYERS: Yankees Baseball
RUSH PROSPECTS: Mets Baseball (credit: Joel Goodbody)
PRAISE JESUS: Rockies Baseball (credit: Joel Goodbody)
BLOW SAVES: Diamondbacks Baseball
TRADE PROSPECTS: Dodgers Baseball (credit: Peter Hjort)

That obviously leaves us with quite a few teams left to fill! If you have any good ideas for those teams or any of the teams seen above, I’d love to see them in the comments section!

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Albert Lyu
12 years ago

The Yankees and Dbacks ones are definitely the best, time to make those $15 t-shirts.