A Brief Introduction

Please indulge me for a moment. I’m a new contributor to NotGraphs, and I’d like to — briefly but not briefly enough — introduce myself.

My name’s Dayn. I’m a regular contributor to FOXSports.com (much like Yahoo!’s sacred exclamation mark, the capitalized “FOX” is a non-negotiable flourish), and I’m the author of two books. This one isn’t very good, but this one isn’t half-bad (evidence: my mom and wife are both fond of it). I can also be found in this space, spit-balling about this and that before a rapt audience of two or three.

As for the sport that binds us, I’m a St. Louis Cardinals fan, but I’m fully capable of putting on my big-boy, objectivity breeches when talking about them in a professional context. I also enjoy wood-fired pizza, alcohol and naps.

But enough about me. I’m honored to be here, and already my love for you, gentle reader, is both boundless and without bound. And with that, I leave you with this …

Handsome Dayn Perry can be found making love to the reader at CBSSports.com's Eye on Baseball. He is available for all your Twitter needs.

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Welcome to Fangraphs. I am a regular reader of your column at FOXSports.com. It’s nice to have mainstream writers like you on this website.