Yanks’ Unis Get Hilfigered

Tommy Hilfiger, the People’s Preppy, has undertaken a uni reboot for some famous teams, and among those teams is the Yankee-Industrial Complex that is near and dear to us all. Here is what Mr. Hilfiger has wrought:

It’s fine except for the jersey. And what does that jersey even look like? What a failed white rapper would wear to rehab? Something off the back of a member of the soda-jerk’s local? I have no idea.

(Hat tip: Me. Because I found this on the Internet.)


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12 years ago

Please God, no! There’s no need to redesign the Yankee unis. Tommy Hilfiger is not going to improve upon simple pinstripes with a Tiffany-designed logo. Not even in an alternate universe (set in 1996 of course).