Video: Serious Fight in Mexican Winter League

Because I don’t understand Spanish so good, I can’t tell you exactly what’s happening in this video, but my guess is that it’s something along the lines of “Everyone is punching everyone else.”

What I can say is that the principal figures here are baserunner (and former Diamondback) Jeff Salazar, second baseman Oswaldo Morejon, and pitcher Alejandro Martinez, who (i.e. Martinez) not only throws the errant pickoff attempt but also launches himself at Salazar.

NotGraphs can confirm that, in terms of discinplinary action, both Salazar and Morjeon were ejected from the game and Martinez has been fined $25,000 by the NFL for unnecessary roughness.

H/T: Vin Scully Is My Homeboy

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13 years ago

Jeff Salazar was immediately knocked out. I can only assume that Alejandro Martinez also stars as a free safety in some South American football league.

13 years ago

Are you commending that tackle? Blind shots aren’t endorsed by anybody – dude was a royal dick taking somebody out on their blind side. This is assault-type stuff nowadays.