Video: Revisiting Ichiro’s First-Ever Ejection

As I’m sure the well-bred reader will concur, insolent behavior is not a thing to praised in and of itself. While, of course, there’s a time and a place for strong words and stronger deeds (after midnight and at a gentlemen’s club, respectively), it is generally best for the aristocrat to maintain a healthy respect for propriety.

Occasionally, however, the opportunity presents itself for a true and beautiful act of finely crafted insubordination. Man among men Grant Brisbee reminded the present author of just such an opportunity via a recent internet weblog post at Baseball Nation — namely, the occasion of Ichiro Suzuki’s first-ever ejection from a professional baseball game.

The footage you see here is from that same game, which took place in Toronto’s Rogers Centre back in September of 2009. After being called out looking by umpire Brian Runge, the always composed Ichiro! — rather than enter into any sort of verbal contretemps with Runge — opted instead for a bit of the Meaningful Gesture, noting with his bat the precise trajectory at which the ball traveled into the catcher’s mitt.

While Runge ejected Ichiro immediately, it’s clear who won both the battle and the war.

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