Video: More Melky Cabrera Magic

Yesterday, after watching Melky Cabrera high-five Joe Westhe high-fived Joe freakin’ West! — I had to make some changes to my My Most Favorite Baseball Players in the Whole Wide World list. Needless to say, Melky skyrocketed up the rankings.

Then Peter Hjort, of Capital Avenue Club fame (one of the best blogs in the bidness), blessed us again, with “another good Melky moment,” as he put it.

Sit back, and enjoy the 11 second ride:

When Melky’s hungry, Melky’s got to eat. And judging by the way Cabrera so nonchalantly went about his business, he knew that morsel of, well, whatever it was, was there for the taking all along.

I can appreciate a man with a plan. Long live the Melky way.

You’re the best, Peter Hjort. Gracias.

Navin Vaswani is a replacement-level writer. Follow him on Twitter.

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