Video: A Belated Happy Canada Day from the 1996 Toronto Blue Jays

A few observations:

1. I’d always secretly wondered what Gord Ash looked like in a yellow rain coat. And that yellow hat. I now know.

2. “The Maestro” would have been a great nickname for Cito Gaston.

3. Carlos Delgado doesn’t look to be aging, and that’s a good thing. I hope King Carlos lives forever.

4. That was some solo by Joe Carter, wasn’t it? Joe, if you’re out there, and reading this, I want you to know that if you ever need a place to crash in Toronto, mi casa es su casa. Not that you ever would, but, still. You can even have the bed. (Fresh sheets, of course.) I’ll sleep on the couch. It’s the least I can do.

5. Marketing departments have come a long, long, long way in 16 years.

H/T: My man Ian, the one and only Blue Jay Hunter.

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Epic, absolutely epic. Joe’s got a hell of a voice.