Two Screenshots from Postseason.TV

Today’s NLDS game between St. Louis and Washington (live boxscore) is available only on the MLB Network and online, using MLB’s playoff streaming-video product, Postseason.TV. Which, that means — for those of us who (a) don’t have the former but also (b) want to watch the game — that a purchase of the latter is necessary.

Below, for those interested, are two screenshots from Postseason.TV — the first an example of the “quad feed” option, which features four camera angles simultaneously; the second, of the “tight center” option by itself.

Note that, while Bob Costas’s commentary accompanies the feed, that there is no “presentation”-style editing — meaning the viewer himself controls what he sees. Also, there are no instant replays.

Here’s the aforementioned “quad feed” (click to embiggen):

And the “tight center” feed (also click to embiggen):

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Matt Hunter

For a while, my wasn’t playing the audio for the commentary – only the crowd noise. It was actually a fantastic experience. That, alongside the lack of replay or score on the screen, made it feel much more like being at a game than normal broadcasts do. But then the “experts” started talking and it was all ruined.