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FOX Sports Ohio has a fun article today, “Reds lethargic effort leaves Price perplexed.” I was initially confused about why David Price is thinking much about the Reds, since he isn’t even in the same league as they are, but then reading the article reminded me that Bryan Price is the manager of the Reds, so then it made more sense.

The article also made me wonder if there might have been a chemical agent released in the stadium causing mass mental confusion, since Price was “perplexed,” “two players forgot how many outs there were [and] [s]tarting pitcher Alfredo Simon didn’t cover first base on a ground ball to first baseman Brayan Pena.”

(In addition, mental issues are indicated by the fact that someone decided Brayan Pena was a first baseman, which is also confusing for someone with a .658 lifetime OPS.)

But my biggest takeaway from the article was this quote, near the end, from Todd Frazier:

“I guess you could say we were lethargic,” said third baseman Todd Frazier. “Maybe when (Chisenhall) hit that three-run homer it took the wind out of our sails a little bit, but I know we were battling. We were trying hard. Maybe it was not all there today.

“Games like this you’ve got to go back and the next day you’ve got to figure it out and work together as a hitting team. Together, as a team, our approach has to be better. Lethargic is probably a good word, but it’s just one of those games. We’ve got to come back and focus on getting back to that team game as hitters.”

Indeed, lethargic was a good enough word that they used it for the headline. Todd Frazier: Headline Writer. Nice work, Todd!

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9 years ago

Can a continually perplexed manager cause his team to be lethargic?

Ned Yost
9 years ago
Reply to  #KeepNotGraphs