There Is Actual Baseball to Watch


While the author has attempted to argue — with his family, with his wife, with his own internal self — while’s he’s attempted to argue, on a number of occasions, that baseball isn’t merely a diversion from reality, that’s not to say that it (i.e. that baseball) isn’t sometimes a diversion from reality.

During the regular season of actual Major League Baseball, one feels particularly courageous so far as this point is concerned. “Ha!” one says. “I could very easily go without the Pastime. Probably take up cooking, or something not unlike cooking.” During the offseason, however — with its lack of ubiquitous programming options — one begins to realize that the human soul, rather than being strong, is actually weak. Like a person, for example, who’s weak instead of strong.

It’s with a view to addressing the crippling effects of this withdrawal from the Pastime, one assumes, that our kind, if maybe also criminal, friends in Australia appear to have provided something in the way of an antidote — which is to say, actual baseball, available to watch somehow.

A friend of this site has informed the present author that “steaming” “internet” “feeds” — previously only ever before seen on American fantasy sitcom Out of This World — are currently being utilized to broadcast video of real Australians playing baseball into the cyber computers of willing viewers. A second friend of this site has helpfully translated Australian times (which are frightening) into American times (which are familiar).

If and when a third friend acquired by this site, perhaps even more and varied services will be available.

Carson Cistulli has published a book of aphorisms called Spirited Ejaculations of a New Enthusiast.

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Guy Smiley
10 years ago

Should one wait for the “steaming” internet feeds to cool off before watching?

Harper Hill
10 years ago
Reply to  Guy Smiley

I was assuming that steaming internet feeds was some kind of porn I hadn’t heard of.