The Winter Meetings Have a Logo, Apparently

I suppose this isn’t surprising, as everything these days has to have a logo.

However, I’m pretty surprised at how elaborate this logo is. For as much craziness as the Winter Meetings can create on the internet and, particularly, on the twitters, the stuff that actually happens this week in Orlando is about as boring as any event in sports. When it comes down to it, the Winter Meetings are just a bunch of dudes in suits on their blackberries for a week.

Naturally, then, the logo for the event is an alligator with a baseball bat in its mouth, with some flamingos down by the numbering for this year. Perhaps it’s supposed to be symbolic. Now’s the time for baseball’s GM’s to snap up a good deal, like an alligator! Or maybe it means that the Seattle Mariners should be looking to sign an alligator with a bat in its mouth, because they really need a designated hitter. Or maybe…

Regardless, the start of the Winter Meetings today marks one of the most exciting points of the MLB’s offseason. After seeing this logo, though, you don’t need me to tell you that.

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Dave Allen
11 years ago

I think those are egrets not flamingos.