The Stupid “All-Inverted First Letters of Names” Team

Urgent Cat Dispatch From Space

Owing largely to the symptoms of oppressive ennui, this scribe and his open sores have assembled an All-Star team of players based upon the calculated inversion of the first letter of said player’s first and last names. Please regard the following outputs:

C – Krik Eratz
1B – Gaul Poldschmidt
2B – Greddy Falvis
3B – Yevin Koukilis
SS – Cack Zozart
LF – Yelmon Doung
CF – WeWayne Dise
RF – Byle Klanks
DH – Billy Butler
RHS – Foug Dister
LHS – Hole Camels
RHRs – Fanny Darquhar, Beath Hell
LHR – Plen Gerkins
Top prospect: Mommy Tendonca
Emeritus: Few Lord (citation: @neal_kendrick)
Manager: Suck Bhowalter

This has been the Stupid “All-Inverted First Letters of Names” Team. Thank you for your squandered time.

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Cerrit Gole

John Elway

This article reminds of a kid who got bullied all the time once someone inverted his name this way. He took it in stride, toughened up, and worked his way into becoming one hell of a linebacker.

Safe to say, Bick Dutkus got the last laugh.

Shirtless Johan Santa
Shirtless Johan Santa

I would have thought you’d make some silly comment about Hay Jowell.