Technology and Its Discontents

Who among us has not struggled with a gadget in the manner of a baboon straining to crack open a coconut? Who among us, I say!

While I fear and loathe robots as much as the next man, it may, I fear, be the digital camera that is the first contraption to go “Skynet” and kill us all. As Gouverneur Morris admonished us, “When the computers take over U.S. Cellular Field, then you’ll know war — a final, determinative war — is afoot.”

(Robot hug: Blame It on the Voices)

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12 years ago

No, they were doing it right. No self respecting White Sox fan wants a record of them being at US Cellular field this year.

John R.
12 years ago
Reply to  MikeS

In that case, this video is doubly unfortunate for them.