Rick VandenHurk Is Endearing Himself to You


Rick VandenHurk — along with Oriole teammates Adam Jones, Jeremy Guthrie, and some other players — is, in the giant Dutchman’s words, “on a tour of Europe to promote the game and help kids realize their dreams.”

The selfsame Dutchman is chronicling his adventures abroad via his blog, and the results are joy-ridden.

Some observations regarding VandenHurk and his prose stylings:
• He uses the words “Wauw,” “Bitterballen,” and “Appelflappen.”
• He capitalizes words in a way that, while not necessarily representative of “Standard English,” is nonetheless pleasing. For example, discussing Mariner prospect Greg Halman’s hometown, VandenHurk writes, “Haarlem is the City Were [sic] Gregory Grew up…” Also: “Baker and Gregory answered a lot of questions from the kids and helped them with their catching and Outfield Skills.”
• Seriously, though: “Bitterballen”? That’s gross, Rick VandenHurk.

H/T: Kate Wheeler of MASN

Carson Cistulli has published a book of aphorisms called Spirited Ejaculations of a New Enthusiast.

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13 years ago

Can you use Bitterballen in a sentence?