Results: Mustachioed vs. Clean-Shaven Players of 1985 Topps

1985 Topps
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Since its inception in 1973 in a small alpine laboratory built by ice-cold power broker/mindfulness-studies instructor David Appelman, NotGraphs has been a byword for rock-hard science; its various contributors, all of them, each respectively bywords for rock-hard scientists. For granted, is how the reader takes this.

It’s entirely within the purview of this site’s ongoing commitment to rigorous inquiry, then, that the present author publishes his findings here from an experiment conducted by the author last night with his friend Tom concerning Tom’s 1985 Topps set in his dumb living room — an experiment, namely, regarding the ratio of mustachioed to clean-shaven players depicted on the front parts of the cards in that same set.

While tempted to write that the results will shock the reader, the author actually has chosen not to write that — mostly because the entirety of those results is summarized in the image above. “Nearly the same” is the answer. “What’s the approximate ratio of mustachioed to clean-shaven players in a set of 1985 Topps?” is the question.

In conclusion, we ask Julio Franco and John Candelaria if they’ve been adequately amused.

Franco Candy

It appears, yes, Julio Franco and John Candelaria have been adequately amused.

Carson Cistulli has published a book of aphorisms called Spirited Ejaculations of a New Enthusiast.

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8 years ago

I want to see the yearly ratios of each Topps set in a grpah so we can chart the decline in Mustachioed men over the years! There must a point in time we can indicate where a steep decline occured, then we can investigate life events to determine what caused this sharp decline. Nevermind, we already know… May 8, 1988 – The final episode of Magnum PI!

Leah Niese's Panties
8 years ago
Reply to  SKob

…I’m actually legitimately interested in this.