OOTP 15 Review: International Baseball, OHBABY!


Game: Out of the Park Baseball 15 (OOTP Baseball 15)
Platform: PC
Developer: OOTP Developments
Modes: Franchise, Online Franchise
Cool Features: Incredible contracts system, massive player and coaches database (now including accurate INTERNATIONAL rosters!), complete customizability, plenty of add-ons, and a robust online community


Realism: 10/10.
Graphics: 8/10.
Difficulty: 10/10.
Details: 10/10.
Playability: 10/10.
Intangibles: 50/50.

Total Score: 98/100 (A+)


• Amazing contract details (arbitration, minor league contracts, team/player options, waiver wires, Rule 5 drafts, etc.).
• Massive and accurate rosters: MLB, MiLB, NPB, KBO, CPBL, and more.
• Detailed scouting and free agency and international scouting/development systems.
• Massively customizable (and BABIP for hitters now! Celebrate!).
• Advanced-stat friendly.
• Newer, cleanerer interface.
• Online multiplayer.
• Authentic and unilateral rule changes, as well as total customizability, if’n you dislike the AI’s random changes.
• Authentic development and declines for rookies, prospects, and veterans.
• As always: The game keeps itself fresh, constantly. Loved ones go neglected.


• Many and lengthy loading screens.
• Still no LOB% for pitchers.
• Unpleasant, though improving in-game / game-management interface. As fans tend to do with OOTP, the community may jump in with realistic 3D stadium add-ons, so this may not be case closed here.

General notes on the updates:

• As suggested in the video, any OOTP user is going to want to add the “All-in-One” mod immediately. This mod dramatically improves the look and feel of the game.
• The back button and the bookmark button appear to be a bit glitchy (the back button just doesn’t work right the first click and the bookmarks button just has no functionality).
• The new 3D fields are definitely a work in progress, but don’t be surprised if the fans pick up the call where the production team left off.
• The new manager’s home screen feels like a solid improvement for sure. It’s customizable and generally more useful:


• The AI feels generally improved too. It’s harder to fleece an opposing GM, but I will say: I managed to acquire Carlos Beltran and Dylan Bundy on the waiver wire midway through the 2014 season. That’s… Odd.
• All told, it’s a great game. OOTP 15 is the kind of game that drains your days away into a quiet, happy vortex of roster transactions and lineup changes. It’s a buy, for sure. And if you like international leagues — or you want to get to know the international leagues — then this is a MUST buy.

Purchasing: ($39.99 at OOTPDevelopments.com)

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