No Orioles Allowed

The Baltimore Orioles franchise may finally have reached it’s nadir. The following sign is now on display at KBA (that’s Korea Baseball Association) parks everywhere (via Daniel Kim via C.J. Nitkowski on Twitter):

In case you’re not familiar, the Orioles were effectively banned from Korea after failing to follow certain protocols in their attempts to sign 17-year-old pitcher Kim Seong-Min. That’s a hilarious enough story in itself, but it’s still stunning to see it on paper and rendered in a picture on the internet. To me, what really hits home is the exclamation point at the end of the Korean version of the statement. These guys mean business.

Heck, maybe the Orioles need to have the KBA fax some of those over to the home base in Camden, considering the Orioles already blew up their own scouting department?

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Steven McEwen
12 years ago

God Bless the Baltimore Orioles