No Baseball, Day 1

So here it is. The Great Hangover. Although, for the 92.8% of Americans who did not care about a World Series matchup between a team from a literally burning city and a team without Brian Wilson, I’m guessing baseball ended about a week ago.

Now it’s time to get back into that great void. No more Ottoneu. No more complaining about sac bunting and intentional walks. No more Mustache Watch. (Okay, maybe a little Mustache Watch.)

Now it is time to turn languidly our blackened eyes back — back to the jobs that grieve us, back to the families we have postponed, back to the cold, gray stones of the breaking sea.

Former Rays outfielder Fernando Perez shared this image from India on his tumbler account:

This is the world to which we are returning. This is what the Internet will look like for an infinity of months until Spring Training. IS THIS WHAT YOU REALLY WANTED, SAN FRANCISCO?! A FOUR-GAME SWEEP?! A HASTY TO RETREAT TO THE BURNING VILLAGE THAT IS REALITY?! WELL I HOPE YOU’RE HAPPY. BECAUSE THE PEASANTS ARE DEAD.

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9 years ago

Management at the Broad Lands-Lodging House assures you that we do not condone the many Hostel-type activities that permeate our neighborhood.