My Heater Broke and All I Can Think About Is These Stupid Hats

In case you’re not familiar with the great north, winters here are cold. This weekend, the heater in my century-old classic college house decided to stop heating the house on nights with lows of -8 followed by a balmy (a weather term which is never used non-ironically) 13.

Naturally, as the temperature indoors fell below 55 degrees, I found my extremities were extremely cold – specifically, my ears. Unfortunately, I don’t own any of the hats above – the Trapper 10 and Dogear styles on Not every team has an entry in these styles – for example, Diamondbacks fans are out of luck here. However, most teams are included regardless of their geography, as the picture above shows.

The Trapper 10 style features a logo on the wool front of the caps. However, the coloring of these logos is odd – multiple feature yellow on white – which makes it difficult to pick out just what the logo is. I do love this Kansas City Royals one, though, albeit not intriguing enough to blow 55 dollars on. The Dogear (44 dollars) is simply a typical 59fifty hat with, you guessed it, dog-ear like flaps to cover cold ears. I’ve found this style intriguing for a couple of winters, but unfortunately, none of the four Brewers styles really hold my fancy. For as much as I like wearing baseball hats, I can’t justify spending 45-55 dollars on an out-of-season, only good for winter hat. If I did, I’d probably be as broke as my heater.

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