Mustache Watch: Keith Hernandez

Breaking mustache news in The New York Times last week:

Keith Hernandez’s mustache has rarely left its perch below his nose in his adult life. It is the thicker, longer cousin to his eyebrows, the hirsute geometric center of his face. His mustache is an entity and a signature. After years of renown, it was voted the top sports mustache of all time in a survey by the American Mustache Institute in 2007.

But now, the Hernandez mustache might have a month of life left in it.

Having been dropped as a Just For Men spokesman, Hernandez is thinking about shaving his mustache. In other news, The New York Times sports section is really desperate for stories.

Okay, that’s not really fair. Because Hernandez shaving off his mustache really is big news. Apparently (from the article) he shaved it off for a time in 1987, but I could not find evidence on the Internet of such a thing.

And, aside from stories about R.A. Dickey (and his new book deal to write three children’s book!?!), there really isn’t much to say about the Mets at this point in the season anyway. Except for this (shocking!) article about how empty the stadium is.

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Lanny McDonald had a way better Stasche- Keith’s is probably voted better due to the amount of splilled blow left behind in it???