Let’s Talk About Billy McCool

Last month, NotGraphs lost a piece of magic as Billy McCool, left-handed pitcher and actual person, passed away. Let us take a moment to adore the man, the lefty, the only fella who could make your grandfather’s socks as cool as cubed cumbers — Billy McCool.

McCool GIF prep

Thanks to Paul Agnello for consummating Fate, for bringing the world’s inevitable route to NotGraphs’ front door, for telling us about Billy McCool.

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9 years ago

This isn’t directed at you, Mr. Woodrum, but I feel NotGraphs has dropped the ball recently. So, my question is, when did the Phillies front office start running NotGraphs?

9 years ago
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dude FU

9 years ago
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I think the first sign that the Phillies front office isn’t running NotGraphs is the very fact that NotGraphs knows what the internet is.