League Fight!

Today, via twitter, the NBA fired a salvo at the MLB.

Although the NBA swiftly deleted the potentially incendiary tweet, the ever-vigilant denizens of the internet world were, as always, ready. Jon Bois (of Progressive Boink and SBNation) captured the tweet and posted it on his own twitter.

The MLB appears to have induced this fiery behavior on the part of the NBA because of their assertion that the completion of the Super Bowl and the NBA season represents the transition point between football season and baseball season – tweets here, and a disgustingly over-the-top ode to the oncoming season here.

Of course, the NBA season is in full swing and will be until June (or whenever the playoffs end this year, might be August by now). By no means would NBA fans around the country be happy with the idea put forward by the MLB that the only two American sports seasons are football and baseball.

Regardless of how you feel on the issue, I think we can all agree that there is only one legitimate way to solve any potential struggle that may erupt between the two leagues: the cage match. NBA Commissioner David Stern in one corner. MLB Commissioner Bud Selig in the other. Two men enter, one man leaves, and then the other man leaves. But one of them will be hurt, very badly. And then, once and for all, we can determine what season it is in mid-February.

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David Stern would bite Selig’s head off (and then spit it out since it’s all sinew).