Josh Reddick’s Beard Caught Up in WWE’s Top Feud

Back in March, WWE superstar Daniel Bryan laid down a challenge to Josh Reddick of the Oakland Athletics.

The beard-off was later accepted by Reddick, with the details as follows: grow your beard until the end of the calendar year and fans would vote on whose beard was better. The loser of the vote would then have to shave it off.

While Reddick trimmed his early in the year, the former “American Dragon” hasn’t tamed his at all.

In fact, Bryan, who won the WWE Championship on Sunday at Summerslam but then lost it to Randy Orton when the powers that be conspired to keep the diminutive “goat face” from becoming the face of the company, has even moved to marketing the beard.

Eno Sarris caught up with Reddick last week to ask him about the competition (and, you know, interesting baseball things).

“I’ve got until December,” said Reddick about the beard-off. “It’s fun to be a part of this thing with a guy that’s in a big corporation that I really enjoyed growing up. It gives us something to interact with publicly.”

But the friendly beard-feud might be turning sour, even if Reddick doesn’t realize it. Asked about his favorite grapplers, he identified one of Bryan’s key adversaries at the moment.

“My guy has always been Triple-H,” Reddick told Sarris, “I was a huge Road Warriors fan, the spiked football pads, I always liked those guys, too.”

Triple-H, now more a corporate figure than an active wrestler, was a part of the conspiracy to keep Bryan from the WWE Title at Summerslam. After Bryan defeated John Cena, Triple-H hit him with his patented Pedigree finisher, allowing Orton to cash in his Money in the Bank briefcase and win the belt. During a promo segment on Raw on Monday, Triple-H and the McMahons said they liked Bryan but keeping a guy who looks like him (small and scruffy) was “best for business.”

While Sarris spoke to Reddick before H’s turn, it doesn’t seem likely that the A’s outfielder will be coming to Bryan’s defense anytime soon.

“I don’t think the A’s would allow me to get in the ring,” he said.

Or perhaps Reddick is in on the conspiracy, ready to aid Triple-H, Orton and the McMahon family in ridding the WWE of Bryan’s beard. All he has to do is win the fan vote at the end of the year and the all-powerful McMahons will owe Reddick a favor.

As a preliminary poll, let us know who you think is sporting the better beard as it stands right now:

reddick beard


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Blake Murphy is a freelance sportswriter based out of Toronto. Formerly of the Score, he's the managing editor at Raptors Republic and frequently pops up at Sportsnet, Vice, and around here. Follow him on Twitter @BlakeMurphyODC.

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Caveman Jones

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