John Gibbons Is Getting Comfortable: North America Reacts

John Gibbons’ return to managing the Toronto Blue Jays this past off-season was greeted with skepticism by some. After all, didn’t he sink the ship five years ago? Why, with the Blue Jays re-making their roster with a couple of huge trades, would they bring back a manager whose tenure had been, to put it kindly, a bit tumultuous? Sure, there were those who thought that Gibbons was pretty good when it came to in-game strategy (not much bunting). Still, could he really be comfortable enough to command the clubhouse?

During the broadcast of last night’s Blue Jays-White Sox game, I saw something that made it clear to me that whatever else is going on, John Gibbons is definitely comfortable.


[Thanks to mysterious Twitterer Paul S, who heeded my immediate request for a screen cap and provided the above.]

North America responded fulsomely.

When I saw it on screen, my first thought was “I don’t remember Gibby being that big.” My second thought was “seriously, both hands?” When I got the screen shot (and video can be found here), I thought “that right hand is going beyond a mere tuck.”

Others found it more endearing, or were at least funnier:

What many missed, howevever, was Gibby undoubtedly making an allusion to a beloved television character from a show that might have been seen as one of the worst ever. That show lasted a long, long time. Ah, the days when we were so naive that we could not foresee something as horrible as Two Broke Girls not only making the screen, but becoming something of a hit.

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A lot of managers are going to feel comfortable with a three run lead against the White Sox “offense.”