Jayson Werth Is Above the Fray

Via the DCist comes your Daguerreotype of the Evening, which is Jayson Werth’s admiring, from a sensible remove, an unfolding situation that can best be described as “The Gentleman’s Dilemma” …

Since we can’t see Mr. Werth’s rapt countenance, we’re forced to speculate on how, exactly, he might be taking all this in. Is his pose one of cool detachment? Mounting revulsion? Fear that, much like Philly, tasers are spoken here? Vague, gnawing hope that tasers are spoken here? Envy that has its foundations in his longstanding desire to be manhandled by a battalion of constables while wearing his most gorgeous bridal whites? Or is he merely admiring the craftsmanship of the “N” on the outfield wall?

Or are his eyes closed as he thinks back to that time, years ago, in an open-air bazaar in Tangiers, when he let Dr. Vega slip from his grasp …

(Thanks to reader Josh and his assassin’s sense of calm for calling this to our attention.)

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11 years ago

I hope there’s a showdown of nonchalance and aloofness between Jason Werth and Mark Reynolds and that neither of them care enough to 1. win and 2. attend in the first place.