Jason Kendall’s Debut Album: Rewind Yourself

Jason Kendall rules the indie scene.

In case you missed it, Jason Kendall had one of the oddest meltdowns in Spring Training interview history on Monday. Will McDonald, as always, breaks it down in expert fashion over at Royals Review, which you should definitely check out. The money moment comes when Jason Kendall implores Nick Wright, who was interviewing hot prospect Mike Moustakas, to “rewind yourself.”

As I was reading the comments section at said Royals Review piece, I couldn’t help but be inspired by the suggestion by a few people that “rewind yourself” would make a fantastic album title. And thus, the album cover above was born. Check out the track listing, too:
1. Leader
2. The Ballad of Dave Kerwin
3. Grit
4. All The Adders
5. Scrap
6. Ground Out
7. No Rest For The Bad (At Baseball)
8. Ground Out (Reprise)

With such a monster track list on his very first foray into the music business, there’s no question that Jason will have a long career in the music industry after his playing days are over.

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I love that this sort of stuff comes out and makes the rounds during ST. This is the sort of entertainment that wouldn’t be mentioned if it had happened during the season.

Side note- How obnoxious was Jason Kendall in that situation? Almost reminds me of any episode of The Office, where Michael Scott comes in and immediately mis-reads a situation, inserts himself into the situation and makes it uncomfortable and awkward for all. Except his character’s actions are almost too hard to believe, but Jason Kendall has just shown us all that characters of this sort do indeed exist.