Hot GIF: Mike McCoy’s Three Whiffs

In the event that you haven’t heard, allow NotGraphs to inform you that Saturday afternoon saw Toronto infielder Mike McCoy make his major-league pitching debut, throwing a perfect inning of relief in the Blue Jays’ 16-4 loss to the division-rival Boston Red Sox.

Nine of McCoy’s pitches were classified as knuckleballs — not actually because they were knuckleballs, but because, as Dan Brooks tells us, they were thrown so slowly that Pitch F/x — like most parents — just didn’t understand.

It appears as though McCoy broke more than Pitch F/x, too. Of those same 12 pitches thrown by McCoy, three received swing-and-misses — i.e. roughly three times the major-league average of 8.4%.

Here are those pitches:

1. A 1-0 pitch to Carl Crawford:

2. The very next pitch to Crawford:

3. An 0-1 pitch to J.D. Drew:

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11 years ago

That last pitch actually looks pretty good! Mike McCoy for closer!