GIF: What Garin Cecchini Looks Like Whilst Doubling

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There are a number of acts one will likely never witness Red Sox prospect Garin Cecchini performing during the course of his (i.e. Garin Cecchini’s) life. Like Garin Cecchini embracing his newborn child, for example. Or Garin Cecchini enjoying hazelnut gelato alongside the Aurelian wall on a perfect Roman evening.

What one can see, however — due largely to the animated GIFs embedded here — is what Garin Cecchini looks like whilst doubling in a major-league baseball game. During the seventh inning of Boston’s game against Tampa Bay on Sunday, is when he did it. Forever, is how long he’ll continue to do, courtesy the aforementioned and very repetitive footage.

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8 years ago

Forever is also how long Brock Holt will continue to double, based on today’s game.