GIF: Mike Trout Robs Mike Trout of a Home Run

This comes courtesy of a comment from a previous Mike-Trout related post:


As I’m never one to ignore the filthy masses/turn down an idea for a post, I present Mike Trout Robbing Mike Trout of a Home Run.



Though I’m not quite sure what type of something this is, it is indeed something.

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8 years ago

Now all that’s left is to have him pitch the ball to himself from CF and we’d have the most complete gif in existence

8 years ago
Reply to  SouthPawRyno

If anyone could outrun a ball that he threw from CF in time to take a swing at it, it would be Mike Trout.

Or maybe Billy Hamilton. Except Hamilton knows better than to rob himself of a precious HR. Trout can afford to do that and still hit like Mike Trout.

Mike Green
8 years ago
Reply to  tz

Banknotes Harper ought to be in the bullpen with a contract for Trout to sign with his right hand while catching the ball with the left. Nope, scratch that idea- too much risk of damage to the wall from Banknotes.

Incidentally, our Prime Minister is named Harper and is an economist by trade, but any similarity with Banknotes ends there.