GIF: King Felix and Beltre Sign (Love) Language

Felix Hernandez: Why didn’t you call me? I called you. I called you like eight times. Why didn’t you call me?

Adrian Beltre: I called you. Oh come on. I called you. Check your messages. I called.

Hernandez: No you didn’t call me. No no no.

Beltre: Man, check your phone. Must be broken.

Hernandez: No way.

Beltre: You know what. I also sent you a letter. Licked it all up and sent it right to you.

Hernandez: Don’t make me laugh. You think I’m some silly girl.

Beltre: No, I used my own spit. Sent it right to you. Lick, stamp, right with the mail carrier.

Hernandez: That’s rich.

Hernandez: So you think I’m hiding the letter here in my sleeves? You think I got it here with me?

Beltre: Yeah you got it.

Hernandez: Yeah I got your letter and I just got it right here in my shirt.

Hernandez: You want to check my shirt? Check my shirt. Check it. Come look.

Beltre: Felix, you’re such a drama queen. Stop it.

Hernandez: You say you wrote a letter. That I got it. That I got it in my shirt.

Beltre: You’re crazy man.


Hernandez: You know what? I’m done.

Beltre: What you mean.

Hernandez: Look here. Here’s my heart. You see my heart. You slap it around a little, slap it around a little — AND THEN YOU SMACK IT TO THE GROUND AND BREAK IT.

Beltre: You know what… you should get going. Someone might see this.


Beltre: Yeah. Uh. I’ll call you later.

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I saw that game and the exchange …. it was hilarious