GIF: Adrian Beltre Would Like Some Space

During the eighth inning of Friday night’s game between Houston and Texas (box), Astros first baseman Carlos Lee hit a pop fly down the third-base line.

While, in many cases, a third baseman will defer to the shortstop on such a batted ball, it’s also fair to say that deference is not a quality with which Rangers third baseman Adrian Beltre is particularly familiar.


To wit:

Regarding this footage, the attentive reader will identify no fewer than four merrie and delightsome qualities, as follow:

1. The gravity and vigor with which Beltre calls for Lee’s pop fly.

2. How Adrian Beltre, while gravely and vigorously calling for Lee’s pop fly, manages also to push shortstop Elvis Andrus with his (i.e. Beltre’s own) gloved hand.

3. How Elvis Andrus, sensing the absurdity of Beltre’s conduct, smiles broadly even before the out is officially recorded.

4. The gravity and vigor with which Beltre informs Andrus — via only his eyes — that he (Beltre) will soon murder him (Andrus).

Carson Cistulli has published a book of aphorisms called Spirited Ejaculations of a New Enthusiast.

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10 years ago

Almost everything Adrian Beltre does is awesome.