Five Notes on MiLB.TV, Which the Author Has Just Purchased

1. The author purchased this weekend MiLB.TV as part of his 2013 subscription to MLB.TV. The service, which costs ca. $40 by itself, costs half that (ca. $20) when bundled with an MLB.TV subscription.

2. Here is a graphic — clickable for purposes of embiggening — of all the clubs whose home games are made available with MiLB.TV.

MILB TV Cropped 2

3. With a active MiLB.TV subscription, it’s possible to view archived games from 2012 — an endeavor in which at least one person, or maybe even two people, must have some interest.

4. Some little inspection reveals — as the reader might expect — considerably more variety in production value among minor-league broadcasts than major-league ones. While searching for footage of Dylan Bundy, for example, the author found two instances in which he (i.e. Bundy) had pitched at an MiLB.TV-participating ballpark — in both cases at White Sox Sally League affiliate Winston-Salem. Unfortunately, broadcasts of Winston-Salem games do not feature any sort of center-field camera angle, nor any other sort of camera angle that would allow one to get a sense of Bundy’s repertoire.

5. That said, there are other instances in which the camera angles/production quality are entirely adequate. For example, as the following GIFs reveal — all from the second inning of a late-August International League game between Indianapolis (Pirates) and Toledo (Tigers) — the center-field camera at Toledo’s Fifth Third Field is well-suited to depicting completely the wild eroticism of Phil Irwin’s curveball.

Like this curveball to Toledo DH John Lindsey:

Irwin K Lindsey 2nd

And this one, to second baseman Danny Worth:

Irwin CU to Worth 2nd

And also this slow-motion one, to shortstop Argenis Diaz:

Irwin CU Looking to Diaz 2

Carson Cistulli has published a book of aphorisms called Spirited Ejaculations of a New Enthusiast.

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Dan Rozenson
9 years ago

Valuable research and a splendid advertisement.