Exclusive: Judge Dayn Perry’s New Book By Its Cover

You listen to FanGraphs Audio, so you already know that Dayn Perry’s next critically-acclaimed book, for which he received a substantial advance, is titled Business & F*cking: Secrets to Crushing the Competition in the Boardroom and the Bedroom. I know; I can’t wait, either.

While we wait, though, I’ve got good news: Our diligent, award-winning Investigative Reporting Investigation Team has secured for us the cover of Mr. Perry’s latest endeavor. Witness:

Remember the saying, “Don’t judge a book by its cover”? Well, here’s another saying: “Fuck that.” And here’s more good news: The IRIT is working on securing the book’s foreward, written by Carson Cistulli, who, over the past 18 months, has had unfiltered access to the deepest and darkest parts of Dayn Perry’s soul. We’re hoping to publish it in the coming weeks. Stay tuned to the ticker for the latest, as they say.

A massive, Canadian thank you to @hbrockett, who designed the most brilliant book cover you see above. We are forever indebted.

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Navin Vaswani is a replacement-level writer. Follow him on Twitter.

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I have my checkbook ready and waiting to be deployed for pre-ordering purposes.

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Youthful Enthusiast

Shut up and take my money!