Double-GIF: Kenley Jansen Harassing Clint Barmes

Over the first two games of the Pirates-Dodgers series, right-handed reliever Kenley Jansen (already a Person of Interest for the present site) has faced seven batters over 2.0 innings. Against those seven batters, he’s recorded five strikeouts and two ground balls (one of which went for a hit), having induced swings and misses on nine of his 33 pitches (27.3%). Of those nine swinging strikes, over half (five) have come against Clint Barmes — who, not surprisingly, has struck out in both of his plate appearances.

Owing to what one can only assume is the product both of above-average nature and nurture, the production team of the Dodgers’ broadcast home, Fox Sports Prime Ticket, chose to render lovingly into Super Slo (and eminently GIF-able) Mo the conclusion of each Barmes plate appearance — which footage I now share with the reader. (Note: both GIFs are precisely 1000 frames long, so they should theoretically be aligned in terms of time. Theoretically, I say.)

From the April 10th game (box):

And from the April 11th game (box):

Thank you to internetting gentleman Craig Goldstein for alerting the public to Jansen’s recent achievements.

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10 years ago

for whatever reason, it doesn’t start sync’ed. but when it does happen (or at least it gets pretty close), it is well worth the 30 seconds i spent watching the gifs sync themselves.