Chipper Jones Unhappy With Basement Dwellers

Jeff Schultz of the Atlanta Journal-Constitution caught up with Chipper Jones today, and he wasn’t terribly happy, particularly with some denizens of the lowest floor of houses owned by their mothers.

“I still feel like I have something to offer, and the cynical fan can really kiss my ass. I really don’t care. There’s a bunch of true fans and the people who actually want to take the time to get to know me know who I am. The guy who sits in his mom’s basement and types on his mom’s computer, I couldn’t really care less about.”

Hey, Chipper. I lease the basement I live in, thank you very much.

And given my basement-leasing situation and recent support of Chipper Jones’s continued baseball career, I resent that. But hey, if Chipper needs an imagined enemy to get through his 18th Major League season, I’m perfectly willing to play that role.

(Hat tip to Dustin Parkes at The Score)

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I really wish that guys like Chipper would understand that typing on a computer and attending baseball games in person / being a “true fan” are not mutually exclusive.

Maybe from the player’s perspective being a “true fan” is cheering for a guy unconditionally and having faith in his continued success. After reading the Hayhurst book, I can’t help but that most players really have a deep seated contempt for fans as people who only care about exciting baseball and not about the players themselves — God forbid…


I agree if he needs an imaginary motivator, then by all means, let him have an imaginary motivator. But it’s not people in their mom’s basements who are demanding that he retire. We can tell his OBP at .382 and a 122 RC+ with a slightly positive UZR, which means he is a great asset to a baseball team.