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There Were Only Five Bat Flips in the Korean League on Friday

Dan of MyKBO reports via Twitter that there were only five bat flips in the Korean baseball league on Friday — which figure appears to represent the low end so far as that particular circuit’s daily total is concerned.

Both Belated and Urgent Jayson Werth Bat-Flip Coverage

This coverage of Jayson Werth’s bat flip from Wednesday night — which bat flip directly proceeded a grand slam against Miami’s Carlos Marmol — is belated in the sense that ca. 18 hours have passed since it actually happened.

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Historical Bat-Flip Coverage: Giant College Player, 1991

Mouton 1

While one might reasonably suggest that giant LSU junior and future/former major-leaguer Lyle Mouton isn’t technically flipping his bat in the two animated GIFs embedded here, it’s also entirely the case that Mouton’s intentions are identical to those of the bat flipper. “I have all the talents,” Mouton announces with his actions — not unlike boy poet Arthur Rimbaud, that is, who said the same thing over a hundred years earlier in French words.

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Additional and Still Obligatory Korean Series Bat-Flip Coverage

The dispassionate fulfillment of one’s personal duties is probably one of the top-10 or -15 virtues there is, so far as virtues are concerned. It isn’t so important as unyielding insouciance, of course, nor a certain proficiency in the construction and maintenance of the four classic tie knots. That said, it’s almost certainly more desirable than knowing how to ride a unicycle — a practice which, if the author’s sources are correct, is actually punishable by law in Singapore.

Sometimes a man must attend to his business, is what one acknowledges. Of late, it has become clear that the author’s business is to report, in a timely fashion, such instances as when a hitter in the Korean Series (Game Seven of which takes place in a few short hours) releases his bat with a flourish after making contact.

According to priceless internet citizen Dan of My KBO, two such instances occurred last night — video of both being present below. Note that, once again, the author has deliberately inverted the Korean names which appear here, for reasons even he barely understands.

Jun-Seok Choi’s name was invoked not 24 hours ago in these pages under very similar circumstances. Here he is flipping his bat following a fifth-inning home run in Game Six.

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Obligatory Internet Bat-Flip Baseball Coverage: Jun-Seok Choi

The name Jun-Seok Choi likely isn’t familiar to most readers — although, that’s very possibly because the author has deliberately inverted said Korean name to more closely resemble Western naming convention. In fact, the name Choi Jun-seok is probably more recognizable: that’s the Doosan Bears first baseman who, about a month ago, disposed of his bat with a dramatic flourish on a well-struck ball that ultimately landed quite, quite foul.

In the particular instance recorded above — from the very recent Game Five, it appears, of the Korean Series between Doosan and Samsung — Choi has once again flipped his bat. In this case, however, he’s also hit a home run — his second of the game, in fact, in a loss to Samsung.

Footage from YouTube video of home run brought to author’s attention by Dan of MyKBO via concerned internet citizen thereisaparty.

Bat-Flip Coverage: Yasiel Puig Celebrated


Yasiel Puig celebrated when two BAR symbols showed up on his slot machine, because it was the closest he had gotten to date.

Yasiel Puig celebrated when he came in second to Adrian Gonzalez in the clubhouse NFL pick-em pool, because Adrian is a cool dude and worked hard on his picks.

Yasiel Puig celebrated when what he thought was a rare coin turned out to be a dirty nickel because, hey — free nickel.

Yasiel Puig celebrated after he wiped out on his BMX bike trying to do a rail slide because he almost nailed it and at least his bike was OK.

Yasiel Puig celebrated after seeing the last episode of LOST, because at least it didn’t get cancelled mid-series.

Yasiel Puig celebrated when he only had to sit in 40 minutes of traffic on the 405, instead of the usual 48.

Yasiel Puig celebrated when he got a nosebleed as a side effect of taking Claritin, because one of the other side effects was jaundice.

Postseason Bat-Flip Coverage: Juan Uribe


Juan Uribe’s exploits, in GIF form, are best paired with the following Henry Miller quote:

“For every million born 999,999 are doomed to die and never be born again. But the one that makes a home run is assured of life eternal.”

Congratulations, Juan Uribe. You are forever.

Thanks for the GIF, @ChadMoriyama. You are appreciated.

Postseason Bat-Flip Coverage: Delmon Young


I had a thought late Wednesdsay night, as I lay awake at three in the morning, exiled to my couch, reading Henry Miller’s Tropic of Capricorn, while thinking of my cold, inevitable death into nothingness:

Delmon Young, only 28 years old, is somebody’s Mr. October.

GIF courtesy the irreplaceable @Kazuto_Yamazaki.

Weekend Bat-Flip Coverage: Jose Constanza


Jose Constanza just hit a two-run single. Was the resulting bat flip a celebration of this feat, or was it an unsuccessful product of him trying to fling his bat into the stands — giving an adoring fan a memento? We may never know.

Sporadic Bat-Flip Coverage: Jason Kipnis, Last Night

Some time this past spring, the author resolved that he would attempt, in these pages, to document for the wide readership this season the bat-flip in all of its different and glorious incarnations.

Like most claims made by someone with a marinara stain on a weird part of his underpants, however, this one wasn’t to be trusted. In point of fact, this site’s coverage of bat flips has appeared only in fits and starts — like the love of a father who expresses his emotions only in fits and starts.

As the alternative is absolutely no coverage of bat flips, however — or no paternal love whatever — one must satisfy him- or herself with what is made available.

Credit to concerned readers JayAre and PronkTwp for bringing the author’s attention to the footage in question.